Tie a wad of paper to a string and attach it to a helium balloon… Just a small balloon.
Add or tear away paper until the paper wad barely rests on a table… Now tap the balloon upwards once gently with your finger until it rises, rises… drifts… and finally, falls.

In 1996, Stephen Meadows created a 20-foot version of this childhood toy and called it the “ParaBounce”. After successfully using himself as the “Guinea-Pig” at the Polo Fields in Del Mar, Ca., a video of the maiden voyage caught the eye of Hammacher Schlemmer and ParaBounce was on the cover. Then Steve and his ParaBounce were invited to come to New York and pick up Katie Couric on NBC’s “Today” Show. The rest is now in the History Books.


2000: The One Giant Leap for Humanity charity event, conceived by One Giant Leap, Co-Chaired by Al Gore and Sidney Poitier. The event raised over $700,000 for children’s charities.

2000: One Giant Leap (ParaBounce) was invited to the Clinton White House where hundreds of dignitaries would experience the “ParaBouncing” on the White House lawn.

2002: Five glowing ParaBounce Balloons held spinning acrobats aloft as the highlight of the Closing Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

2006: Three Snapple Branded ParaBounce Balloons traveled to 14 cities. The campaign was called one of Snapple’s most successful product launches.

To date, more than ONE MILLION PEOPLE around the world have safely experienced “ParaBouncing” as the sensation is now commonly called.

The Company, One Giant Leap, LLC, was formed to further the development of this exciting new technology.

In 2007, One Giant Leap patented the experience of flying human-powered dirigibles in confined areas. Now, we are ready to let the world experience the universal desire of human-powered flight.