The Mission

Anyone from 8 to 98 can now experience Human Powered Flight, a Dream We All Share.

Until the ParaBounce, participating in this adventure was only for the experienced pilot, hang-glider or balloonist. Now, through proven application and state-of-the-art technologies, anyone, including the physically challenged, can gently float, soar or propel themselves through the air and enjoy the thrilling sensation of flight.

Today’s Air-Inflated Structure technology allows for rapid erection of gigantic interior spaces that can support mind-blowing high definition visuals across hundreds of square meters, creating huge, realistic environments of anything imaginable that completely surround you as you fly yourself through the air!

And Yes, you DO (safely) bounce off Other Pilots at Hundreds of Feet in the Air!

It’s Jules Verne meets Bladerunner and YOU are the Participant!

One Giant Leap has performed over ten years of extensive aeronautical development of this incredible attraction. Huge air-inflated domes are now able to accommodate dozens of aerostat riders as they experience the ParaBounce entertainment innovation.