The Founders

Stephen Meadows is responsible for bringing the dream of ParaBounce to life. He is an entrepreneurial architect, patented inventor, artist and college professor.

An early goal of Mr. Meadows was to integrate the ParaBounce with children’s charities. In 2000, he created the One Giant Leap for Humanity Charity Event, co-chaired by Al Gore and Sidney Poitier. The one-day event in Los Angeles raised over $700,000 for children’s causes. Immediately following, One Giant Leap was invited to the Clinton White House where hundreds of dignitaries would experience “ParaBouncing” on the White House lawn.

Flying the ParaBounce on the White House Lawn.

Along with One Giant Leap’s Advisory Council and Operations Director, Jeff Miller, the ParaBounce aerostats have provided ‘Giant Leaps’ to thousands at hundreds of events around the world since 1999.