Anyone Can Fly!

Riders, spectators and audiences worldwide can now participate in the real experience of flying. ParaBouncing ignites the childhood fantasy in all of us of being lighter than air, gently floating from one place to the next.

Inside the ParaDome, dozens of riders can simultaneously soar to heights of over 150 feet and literally bounce off each other as well as the ceiling and walls! Think bumper cars in 3-D. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

The ParaDome is not simply new amusement facility… it’s much more. While it may have started as a balloon ride, Parabouncing has grown into a total experience, which “Wows” audiences and participants worldwide.

Here is a completely new experience causing people to come back for more. It gives the rider a true sense of flying and feeling free. For many, Parabouncing fills the dream of being able to fly as a kid or bouncing from one place to the next… gracefully floating.

From the first ride, people can’t wait to share it with their friends, family members and anyone who will listen about what it feels like to be flying and floating in the air and Parabouncing without fear.


Each rider is properly balanced in the balloon by the Ground Crew. Then, by pushing off the floor of the ParaDome, the rider will ascend to a height of about 125 feet before gently descending. Each “Giant Leap” can last as long as a minute and the rider can travel several hundred yards through the air before coming down.

Riders can ‘ping-pong’ off each other, land on top of other balloons, and in general, have a sensational experience that can be found no where else on earth.

There is also the Flip-Harness for riders in good enough physical shape to give it a go. The current record stands at 150 flips in a single ParaBounce jump before landing.

Human Powered Flight

A helium-filled ParaBounce envelope provides the lift-balance to obtain zero gravity with the ParaBike.

After the Ground Crew safely secures the pilot into the aerostat, the rider starts pedaling. The rear propeller provides thrust. Elevator and rudder levers at the pilot’s side allow navigation in all directions at speeds up to 8 knots.

When the ride time has elapsed, a member of the Ground Crew gently lowers the ParaBike to the floor of the ParaDome from a line that is auto-released from the aerostat.

The ParaDome

The ParaDome is manufactured by one of the leading suppliers of air structures in the world with hundreds of successful and operational installations throughout the globe.

For over 30 years, air structures have offered the perfect medium to expand the use of recreational facilities. This modern day concept has provided a highly successfully new dimension for recreational facilities to function in a controlled environment, impervious to prevailing weather conditions. The ParaDome Structure provides a completely usable clear span with no inside supports or posts to interfere with Parabouncing activities. The structure is pre-engineered, and comes complete with all the ancillary components.

Spectacular Visual, Lighting and Sound effects are created inside the Dome.

Crowds Entering the ParaDome are Thrust into a Completely New Dimension!